Monday, October 21, 2013

How often does a blaster pay for itself?

Not very often.

At least, not for me.

That wasn't the case for a blaster I bought on Friday.  I saw the freshly stocked card aisle at Walmart and it had plenty of 2013 Topps Update blasters so I bought one.

I got two cards of note.

The 6th pack had this Yasiel Puig Walmart blue parallel.  Not too shabby I suppose.

The bonus pack had this Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie Card reprint manu-patch thingamajig.

I looked both cards up on Ebay and decided to list them in a one day auction.

The Yasiel Puig sold for $10.50.

The Ripken, which I started with a price of .99 cents and a buy it now of $21.99, sold for a whopping $30.96.

I was tempted to buy another blaster over the weekend, but I decided not to press my luck.


  1. Whoa, nicely done on the Cal. Not a bad value for the Puig given that his cards about to shoot down in value because Topps made 300 different ones in the Update set.

  2. You must buy a lot of blasters because just about every blaster I've seen here has produced something.

    1. Every blaster? I only bought one blaster of Update. Unless you're being sarcastic. Oh...

  3. That's a crazy price for that manupatch. I should probably try to sell some of my Ripken stuff.

  4. I agree. Not very often that you can recoup the the price of a blaster.