Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first Check Out My Cards purchase

I know many of you have made purchase on Checkoutmycards.com, but until a couple of weeks ago, I had only stuck cards in a cart.  As a part of my Apple funded shopping spree over on Ebay, I thought I might as well pick up a few of the cards I had been eyeballing at COMC.

I misplaced the shipping invoice and for some reason my purchase won't come up when I log in so I can't tell you what I paid for each card (not that you care), but I do know the total.

Without too much fanfare, I'll show you the goods.  Ok, maybe a little fanfare.

I picked up a few Casey Cox cards because I met him at the Rangers Hall of Fame Luncheon and had a nice 30 minute conversation with him.

Thanks to a certain blogger friend of mine, I am going to send these off to Casey to see if I can get them signed.

This was the worst one of the bunch.  It has a pretty bad crease forehead high and a nasty stain on the bottom left corner.  It won't matter much to me if Casey signs it.

What's better than a Flair card with two photos on the front?  How about one with three photos on the front. This is a 1999 Flair Showcase Ivan Rodriguez.  Back in 1999, a card numbered out of 3000 would have been "rare".

I recently traded one of the 2000 Aurora Net Fusion cards away...a Larry Walker I believe.

That led me to investigate whether any Rangers had Net Fusion cards of their own.  Lucky me, I found two.

I'm not entirely sure about this card.  David looks a little creepy.  I guess I fell under the spell of the low serial numbering....55/88.

Ooooh, look.  Could that be a fake jersey relic numbered 13/35?  It's a possibility.

I'm starting to lean toward Derek Holland as my favorite Ranger.  That's a weird for me because I've never had a pitcher hold that position.  Blue refractors sure look good when the Ranger is in blue too.  This one is #130/150.

This card threw me a little.  It's from 2011 and is #171/245.  I think it's from some type of factory set.

Here is another blue refractor of Derek Holland.  This one is circa 2012.

You can't tell from the scan, but this is the 2012 Topp mini version of another great David Murphy card.  In keeping with my serial numbered obsession, this one is #10/61.

I picked up these two full size 2013 Allen and Ginter Ian Kinsler relics to go with the full sized bat relic card.

They need to use more red jerseys for Rangers relic cards.  I mean, they should be able to find fake red jerseys just as easy as they find fake grey ones, right?

Here is where we run into a bit of a problem.  I'm curious if it's ever happened to anyone else.  Somehow I ordered three of these 2013 Gypsy Queen Derek Holland black minis.

I didn't mean to do it, but I ended up with #34/199, #76/199 and #141/199.  I know these were only 99 cents each so it wasn't that big a deal.

I guess I should be happy I didn't end up with three of these Matt Harrison green minis.  (#68/99)

Last, but not least, I picked up three more 2013 Topps Chrome cards towards my madness.

Derek Holland black refractor, #8/100.

Ian Kinsler blue (looks more like purple) refractor, #159/199.

Finally, a Nelson Cruz black refractor, #67/100.

All in all, I was happy with my first experience with COMC.   Counting the $3.00 flat shipping fee, I spent $39.66 for 21 cards.

Do any of you sell on COMC and is it worth the effort to do so?


  1. I do like that COMC now has a flat $3.00 fee, but they still hide their handling fee in the price of the cards. Every card has a quarter added to it. Which is probably better mentally. Never sold on there, but I do like to window shop and occasionally by. I also like you don't have to buy store credit anymore you can just pay with paypal and have them shipped right away.

  2. I never considered it due to the seemingly never ending fees. The flat shipping is nice as buddha says but I can't get over all the other charges to try it. I love using it to help me identify cards, though!

  3. the main question is.... why didn't you buy any cards from me????

    if you want the skinny on selling there... hit me up via email.

  4. I got Cox to sign by mail a few years back so you should be good.

  5. comc has a great selection and for the most part the prices are great. Love the fact that shipping is only $3.00 no matter how many cards you buy.

  6. I am looking forward to a COMC purchase at some point in January. It all depends on the weather for the card show that month (Sadly I can't do both the card show and COMC all in one month).