Saturday, October 5, 2013

These cards have traveled nearly 9000 miles

A card comes off the presses at the Topps plant.  It's a Bowman card and it slips into a pack with other cards.  The packs are placed in a box, the box is sealed and placed in a case.  The case ships off to a dealer, possibly Blowout or Dave and Adams Card World.

Over 4000 miles away, a collector in Europe orders a box and I'm sure the collector got totally screwed on shipping.  The box shows up, the collector starts ripping wax and soon has a pile of cards.  Soon enough, he gets involved in a trade and ships some of those cards over 4000 miles back to the good old U.S. of A.

That's basically how I ended up with an amazing package of cards from Jeroen of the Dutch Card Guy blog.

I never really got Skybox Metal, but the backgrounds on different cards are pretty cool.  This is the only card I'm posting that isn't serial numbered or autographed.

This is the first 2003 Studio Big League Challenge card I've ever seen.  I was surprised to see it was #19/25 on the back.

Here is a Studio Proof card of Hank "Gone to Soon" Blalock.  It's #88/100.

One of these Passing the Torch Blalocks is not like the other.  One is #122/1000 and the other is #244/1000.

More serial numbered goodness in the form of a 2006 Ovation Michael Young.

Hey, it's Mr. Almost Perfect Game, Armando Galarraga.

A couple of years ago, Chris Davis cards could be had on the cheap.  It's a little different now.  This Bowman blue parallel is #385/500.

That is one psychedelic Neil Ramirez Xfractor.

That's a really nice Heritage Chris Davis Chrome refractor.  It's #400/560 and soooo shiny.

Let's ease out of this post with some green.  Regular green.

Refractory green.  Nice.  

Thanks for an amazing package Jeroen.  I hope you enjoy your package as much as I enjoyed this one!


  1. Great to see they arrived safely, thanks for the trade !!

  2. Armando Galaraga was a Ranger? You learn something new every day.