Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Super Size Me

I knew when I pulled the Josh Hamilton box loader from my 2013 Gint-A-Cuffs box that I wanted to collect the whole set.

Hamilton may not be a Ranger anymore, but I can still appreciate a great card when I see one.

I decided to use some of my Apple funds to pick up a few more of these super size treasures.

One of the sellers I was buying from had three of the box loaders priced right so I added them to the lot and got shipping for only a quarter each.



and Matt set me back a total of $6.00 and knocked a little dent in the Box Loader Checklist. Wouldn't these things look nice with a big blue Sharpie auto across the front?

These are the 2013 Allen and Ginter Oversized Box Loader cards.

OB-AP Albert Pujols
OB-BH Bryce Harper
OB-DW David Wright
OB-GS Giancarlo Stanton
OB-JH Josh Hamilton
OB-JV Joey Votto
OB-MC Miguel Cabrera
OB-MK Matt Kemp
OB-MT Mike Trout
OB-PF Prince Fielder
OB-RAD R.A. Dickey
OB-RB Ryan Braun
OB-RC Robinson Cano
OB-SS Stephen Strasburg
OB-TT Troy Tulowitzki

That's 4 down, only 11 to go.  If you have any that aren't checked off and you're not collecting them...let me know!


  1. I pulled the Votto in Gint-A-Cuffs...I'm sure I have it somewhere still. I'll find it and send it your way.

  2. Sigh, I"m so out of touch with the A&G box breakers. I used to be one.