Saturday, October 5, 2013

Everyone needs a Baseball Dad

My dad watched games with me from time to time.  We talked baseball quite a bit, but he passed away before the Rangers made it to the World Series in 2010.  How I would have loved to watch those games with him.

Well, like the rest of you, I have a Baseball Dad online.  He's Jack from Baseball Dad's All Tribe Baseball. He sent me a package out of the blue.  Those are the best kind.

This 1993 Triple Play Awesome Action card is a great play at the plate.  I'll have to do a little research to find out what game this is from and whether Big Mac was safe or not.

This 1997 Pinnacle Zenith card did not scan well at all.  I think it was next to the Chips cards below.

Fleer Ultra always had some pretty good photographs.  This gold medallion Michael Young is no exception. The regular version would be really nice with the flag in the background.  

Two more there a checklist for these things anywhere?

Ranger red parallel...very nice.

The Rangers don't look as good in green.

Sparkly blue is ok, but I like the Target red parallel best.

That was a great package of Rangers Jack!  Thanks a bunch.  I'll be on the lookout for some Tribers for you.  Sorry the Rays treated your team just like they treated mine.  


  1. "Sparkly blue is ok, but I like the Target red parallel best."

    (Shakes head) Backwards... soooo backwards.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the cards ! You and I, as well as many others, fall into the group of " This pile is saved for you, this pile for so and so, this pile for someone else.... " . It all works out in the end ! Glad to have you as a friend and trader !

    Here's the Chipz Checklist :

  3. After reading the last comment I realized how weird it sounds. Baseball Dad is a great trade partner. There. That's better.