Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blogging Question Part 2

A few days ago, I asked how much time you spent blogging.

Today I want to know how much time you spend on OTHER blogs.

Reading them.

Commenting on them.

According to Blogger, I follow 139 blogs. Some of them post multiple times on any given day and some haven't posted in months. Some of them are really quick reads like pack/box breaks or short posts. Some have longer posts that require more time, but are usually worth the effort based on entertainment value and interesting content.

Of course, like many of you, I read far more blogs than I comment on. I try to be a good follower and comment at least occasionally on most of the blogs I follow and some I comment on nearly every post. I think commenting serves a couple of purposes. It lets the writer know that something they wrote stirred me to comment. It also lets them know they have an audience, someone who is interested in what they have to say.

We all love comments, even if they aren't in agreement with our opinion, because it lets us know people are reading our blogs.

How many blogs do you follow and how often do you comment?

Maybe the best question to ask is what does it take to get you to comment on a blog?


  1. I follow 80 blogs, and I comment...a most people have probably noticed. Not every time, but definitely more than the average blogger I'd say.

    I comment a lot when something is funny, usually whenever there's a great name involved, whenever it's a trade post involving me, whenever someone asks a question (like this), and on contests. There are probably other times I comment too, but those are the times I comment most.

  2. I follow 40 blogs, and comment on anything interesting. I comment on mostly the same things spastik said.

  3. I do most of my blog reading during my breaks at work. I'll comment when anything pops into my mind while reading the post.

  4. I follow waaaaay too many blogs. Having done this for almost two years, or is it three? it's a hazard I guess. But what are you going to do when someone emails you with their link and says "what do you think?"

    as far as commenting goes, if I have time, if something strikes a chord with me, or if a direct question is asked where my answer hasn't already been given.....

  5. I follow over 80 (although quite a few of them have up and vanished) I read most of them every day and I try to comment on them as frequently as I can. I read and comment more than I post to my own blog, come to think of it. I guess I am just a lurker.

  6. I don't "follow" blogs as such, but browse the latest updates on random side bars of blogs. I'd comment more, but Wordpress doesn't seem to play well with some comment forms, telling me that I am not logged in when I am.

  7. I follow 38 baseball card blogs, plus at least 10 blogs on the Detroit Tigers, and baseball in general.

    Being on disability allows me to blog at an easier pace than those of you working every day, but I'm also very new at blogs, so I don't navigate as easily as you veterans.

    I write three different blogs right now, and each one takes up a lot of my day, but I do enjoy seeing the passion of all the different blogs out there.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. I'm not sure I follow that many blogs (50-60), but I have many daily reading sites. Any blog that pops up in my blogroll as being updated, I will read. I will also check other people's blogrolls to see if I'm missing any (which I invariably will).

    Daily reading for me is Baseball Analysts, Fangraphs, Hardball Times, Joe Posnanski, Rotoworld, and a few Phillies blogs. (Beerleaguer, The Good Phight, Phillies Nation are the most often checked).

    I really only comment when I might know some information to offer. I'm not one for written exclamations, though I may say them out loud to myself when I see something cool.

  9. I follow too many (I'm sure it's over 200) and I spend too much time reading them (a couple hours a day, probably). I comment more than your average reader. I think it is VERY important to comment, just to let the blogger know you're out there. You don't have to say something genius in the comments, just say "I'm listening."

  10. I don't comment nearly enough, but I do read up on a lot of blogs and I always check out the blogs that I'm "following". I probably spend a few hours a day reading over the different blogs.

  11. I follow more than 70, most of which are listed in my "Clubhouse." I check in off and on during the week, but sit down and visit EVERY ONE of them on the weekends, usually more than once. I comment if I have a question about the post or if something hits me as funny or makes me think more than usual. Now, if I have to think too much, I may or may not comment.

  12. I keep up with new posts on the blogs I've linked from my own blogs...and I comments whenever I have something to add.

    You guys can feel free to speak up more often on my Vintage Sportscard blog, though. I sometimes go weeks without a single comment...

  13. Thanks for the comments on the comments post.

  14. I'm not telling, since you're obviously only asking as a clever ploy to get comments.

  15. Ha ha...tell Beardy! Inquiring minds want to know!