Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm still reading this blog

Jeremy from No One's Going to Read this Blog will sometimes send me a nice surprise package. We both said at some point that we were going to be collecting the 1973 Topps set. We also agreed to send doubles to each other as they accumulated. Well, I haven't actually purchased any yet, thus no doubles, but that didn't keep Jeremy from sending me some of his dupes. As usual, he included some bonus cards that fit right in line with my collecting needs.

Let's start off with one of the biggest cards I've ever gotten in a trade.

It's one of those 2010 Heritage Box Toppers. This one has Joe Mauer and his fellow Twins in stamp form. I like it and Jeremy even sent it in a top loader, so storage isn't a problem.

Jeremy is a big Oklahoma fan and is usually in a hurry to send his Longhorns packing. My son gladly takes all Longhorns so it works out well for us.

This is a very poorly scanned 2010 Press Pass Jordan Shipley.

I only scanned this 1992 Stadium Club Nate Newton because I heard he had gastric bypass surgery and lost 100 pounds. My wife's aunt almost died after having GP surgery and has never been right. Scary.

This is some sort of Samurai Jack card that came with 3 friends. I passed these along to the 8 year old who put them in with his Toy Story 3 and Mario Kart cards. He liked getting something in the trade package so thanks Jeremy.
Now for the real good stuff.

Jeremy sent along 11 1980 Topps Rangers, including Sparky Lyle,

Bump Wills and

Jim Sundberg. My scanner apparently didn't feel good yesterday because it cut off many of these cards.

Now for a mix of '73s. Jeremy sent over 10 of these and of course they were all new to me. He said they were a little rough, but I don't care one bit. This is Andy Messersmith. But you can see that I guess.

It's no wonder the Rangers hired Bobby V to manage the team with his Swing For the Fences attitude. That fit right in with the Rangers when he was here.

Walter Johnson All Time Shutout Leader Card. Very cool card.

How about a little Ranger action starring Jeff Burroughs to finish things off.
Jeremy, thanks so much for the cards. I'll be getting you back as soon as possible.


  1. I'm glad you liked the cards. I have a bunch of 1980 cards now, so I'm glad I remembered to include them in the package.

  2. i need to track down that bobby v - it's a great dodger stadium shot/bad airbrush card! thanks for showing it!

  3. Thanks to Jeremy for sending it to me...I had never seen that one before.