Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Number 50 and a quest

I'm not apologizing for yet another Million Card Giveaway post. Well, maybe at the end, if you read that far.

A couple of days ago I completed my 50th trade on the MCG site. That number is a little misleading, because the site only keeps track of trades where you make the offer and another person accepts. I don't know how many trade offers I've accepted, but it's probably around 15 or 20.

Here is the screenshot showing my last two completed trades. You might notice the both cards I received were Clay Dalrymple.

For the 50th trade, I offered up this 1967 Pat Corrales for...

this 1969 Clay Dalrymple. For the record, I really don't like this Dalrymple card at all. Why would I trade for it you might ask. Well, you might.

Some time ago, on a blog post far, far away, someone put up a scan of a vintage Clay Dalrymple card. I keep thinking it was the Collective Troll, but I've scanned back through some of his posts and can't find it to be sure. At any rate, the card showed Dalrymple in the classic catcher's pose you see on so many vintage cards. Much like the pitchers posed hunched over as if they had just thrown a pitch, many of the catchers would squat down, throw up a mitt and there you go...a nice catcher shot. I decided that I could further develop my collection by adding some vintage catcher cards. For a team collector whose team didn't exist prior to 1972, it gives my collection a chance to feature some nice vintage cards.

This 1961 Clay Dalrymple is a nice example of what I'm talking about.

After getting the hang of the trading feature on the MCG site, I started trying to trade for some of these vintage catchers.

One of the first ones I traded for was this nice 1965 Dalrymple. I got this on April 27th.

I picked up the '61 (pictured above the '65) on May 25th, and followed that up by getting the '63, '67 and '69 Dalrymples. Somewhere along the way, I was offered the '64 and unlocked the '70 myself.

To summarize this poorly written post, I have the following Dalrymple cards in my portfolio.

I've tried repeatedly to trade for the '60, '62, '66, '68 and '71 cards that are available, albeit in limited quantities, on the site. I thought it would nice to complete an entire player collection on the site. If I can't do that before the deadline, I'll just have to do it the old-fashioned way.
Oh, I thought about it...and I'm still not apologizing.

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  1. Every time I see one of these posts, it just reminds me that I have a bunch of cards in my TMCG album that I need to get rid of. I always forget about the trade offers I have posted until I read about it again on someone's blog.