Thursday, July 1, 2010

Does Topps actually have a webmaster?

I don't know squat about running a website. I have a blog that has features I have no idea how to use. I also have a website for a small business I run, but it's woefully inadequate. I, however, do not run a multi-million dollar company that holds an exclusive license to produce baseball cards.

Topps needs to get with the program. If they do have a web team, they should all be fired! Today!! There are any number of bloggers out there that could do a better job of updating Topps' website.

They don't have any of the new products listed. The last baseball product they list under 'recent releases' is 2010 Topps Series 1. Let's see, we've had Bowman, Series 2 and now Allen & Ginter that have been released. They don't have any info on them.

For the love of all things cardboard, they still show the "Crack The Code" for 2009 Ginter ad on their homepage! Everyone and his brother knows that was cracked by two bloggers and if the word on the street is true (from I am Joe Collector) the 2010 code has already been cracked.

Topps, I know you're not reading this and you'll never hear a hint of my rant, but something about updating your website!

Okay, I'm off the soapbox.


  1. I agree with you and from what I am told by a couple of friends who have shops, the site for dealers is no better

  2. I'm with you too. I've gone to the Topps website looking for checklists of newly released products. And, as you've said, they're not there. You would think they'd want their customers to know what's in each new product. It's very frustrating for this customer.

  3. They are farther behind on releases than that. You forgot Finest, Opening Day, 09 Attax, 10 Attax and Chicle... I usually rely on their checklist too because it lists the team where nobody elses does.

  4. Getting on the Topps site is pointless. I gave up on it a long, long time ago. I should remove the link on my site, all it will do is frustrate people.

  5. I completely agree. Out of the big three, Panini has the most up to date site. Topps sucks, and UD is not any better.

    The best site I have seen for Sell sheets, information sheets, and checklists is "Magazine Exchange" Her is the link: