Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Streak is over, Ouch, or Your 0-7 is Killing Me

Sometimes I can’t figure out a title for a post. Sometimes, like this time, I have too many ideas.

The Rangers broke a bad streak last night when the beat the Tigers 8-6 in 14 innings. The last time the Rangers won in Detroit was the first half of a double-header on September 11, 2007. That’s a span of 11 games and was their longest losing streak at any park. The Rangers were ahead 6-5 going to the 8th inning, but the Tigers tied it and it stayed that way until Nelson Cruz hit a pitch from Enrique Gonzalez 340 feet over the right field wall. Nelson had a key play to keep the Tigers from winning in the 11th inning as he acted like he was going to catch a ball that landed in front of him, keeping Johnny Damon from scoring from second. Carlos Guillen grounded into a double play to end the threat.

Nelson has been on fire since the break with 2 three hit games and 3 two hit games. By the way, Neftali Feliz earned his 25th save, tying him for the league lead.

There were a couple of injuries in the game.

Brandon Inge took a Scott Feldman pitch off the left hand in the third inning. He’ll miss 4-6 weeks with a broken hand.

In the 6th inning, Austin Jackson lined a double off Dustin Nippert’s head, just above his right eye. The ball landed in left field. Nippert was given a CT scan which was negative (shouldn’t that be positive?) and ESPN reported he was resting comfortably back at the team hotel. Unless he was heavily medicated, I find it hard to believe anyone could “rest comfortably” after getting a line drive off the forehead. I saw that happen to Billy Swift once and it looked and sounded terrible.

Now, for more from the game. I’m glad the Rangers got Cliff Lee. Hopefully the Rangers will start giving him some run support. The only problem is that we now have Chris Davis back at first.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Chris Davis. I want him to succeed, but he is KILLING me. Last night he was the ONLY Ranger not to get a hit. He put up an average dropping 0-fer in seven plate appearances. Since he returned to take over at first base, he has only hit in 2 of 8 games, has 4Ks in 29 at-bats (an improvement) and is 1 for his last 21. Last night he left 8 men on base! I hope he comes around soon.

Maybe the Rangers could really sell out the future and trade for Prince Fielder…

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  1. I am cheering for CHris Davis he is a favorite of mine, also. I think he could do it