Monday, July 26, 2010

Pre Gint-A-Cuff Box Break Warmup

My box of Ginter for Gint-A-Cuffs 2 should be here this week. I didn't pre-order and wanted to wait until the initial hysteria that drove boxes up to $110+ died down. I could NOT resist the lure of the retail packs/blaster however. I decided a little warmup was in order to prepare for busting my GAC box and to get used to the scoring system.

I've been hearing how loaded 2010 A&G retail is and I have to say I've had far better luck with loose packs than blasters. Here, for your viewing/reading pleasure, is a mini-GintaCuffication of a blaster and 8 loose packs. You'll have to forgive me for any scoring errors and feel free to point them out.

Let's go with the blaster first.

Standard Blaster with 7 packs plus the ever popular "bonus pack" for a total of 8 packs.

Pack 1
Luis Durango
Adrian Gonzalez--someone's favorite player +2
Jon Lester
Jimmy Rollins Sketch card +3

World's Wordsmiths Mini Washington Irving +4
Jay Bruce TDIH +1

TOTAL=10 points

Pack 2
Rickie Weeks
Kelvim Escobar
Adam Dunn--another favorite player +2

Christian Guzman black bordered mini +3
Jonathan Papelbon SP +2
Curtis Granderson TDIH Yankee -1


Pack 3
Tyler Colvin
Troy Tulowitzki
Wandy Rodriguez

World's Biggest Castle Mini (these are retail only, but fall 1:12 like Lords of Olympus) +3
Brandon Webb
Ryan Braun TDIH +3 (Favorite Player and TDIH) I think that's how that should be scored.


Pack 4
Clayton Kershaw favorite player +2
Magglio Ordonez
Daniel Hudson
Hiroki Kuroda SP +2
Aaron Hill TDIH +1

I was shorted a mini in this Dodger friendly pack.


Pack 5
Russell Martin
Tommy Manzella
Joakim Soria favorite player +2
National Animals Ostrich mini +2
Delmon Young A&G back mini +2
Shawn Johnson
Jason Heyward TDIH (Favorite and TDIH) +3

I got my missing mini from the last pack here.


Pack 6
Chase Utley favorite player +2
Judson Laipply
Shin-Soo Choo

Tony Hawk mini
Randy Winn Yankee -1
Carlos Gonzalez TDIH +1

Pack 7
Luke Hochevar
Tim Lincecum
Curtis Granderson Yankee -1

Lords of Olympus Hades mini +3
Dustin Richardson
Alex Rodriguez TDIH Yankee -1

Pack 8
Della Vega
Rick Porcello
Kendry Morales favorite player +2
Miguel Tejada mini
Placido Polanco SP +2
Mark Teixeira TDIH Yankee -1


That was pretty pathetic.
I'll be back shortly with the 8 loose packs for comparison.

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