Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mutant 2010 Topps Pack

You can see how many cards are supposed to be in this 2010 Topps Wal-Mart retail stuff pack.

Twelve. That's all...twelve. No more. No less.

Well, this mutant pack of cards had thirteen cards! 13! Can you imagine my surprise?

Ok, I didn't realize until after I looked a 3rd or 4th time that there was an extra card. I'll bet you can figure out the bonus card. Let's take a look shall we.

I got one Turkey Red, Alexei Ramirez. Not spectacular, but one I needed.

I got one sketch card. I'm trying to talk my son into entering a sketch or three. If he decides not too, I'll post these for some artistic blogger to claim. Don't claim it now because I won't remember to look back here when if and when I do that.

This was my bonus card. I actually got two Peak Performance cards. This one was tucked in right behind a regular Carlos Lee Peak Performance card. I haven't pulled an auto from a Topps flagship set in a long time. Not that I can remember anyways. According to the wrapper, there are three levels of these autos: Group A falls 1:14,500 packs, Group B falls 1:1725 packs and Group C falls 1:1100 packs. I'll assume Cabrera is in Group C, but even that is a tough pull for retail.

Incidentally, I picked up this pack and two others yesterday on my way to see Inception. It was good, but don't get up to go to the bathroom during the movie. You may be lost when you get back.


  1. just fyi - the bonus card is the sketch card, they are extra cards, so not to anger any one who is not an artist

  2. I LOVE getting auto's and cool cards in retail. Bravo!

  3. A similar thing happened to me- extra card stuck together with a Peak Performance insert - but it ended up being a jersey card instead of an auto. That and it was a stupid Cub... Ramirez I think?

  4. NICE!!! I love to see collectors beat the odds!