Monday, July 5, 2010

Packsearcher fail: Part 3...or is it 4?

Last Wednesday, in preparation for Friday's long drive to Colorado, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some snacks.

I also picked up 4 packs of "cards" to use as rewards (read:bribes) for good behavior on the trip. Two packs of Toy Story stickers for my youngest son and two packs of Series 2 for my oldest. Somehow, an extra three packs of Series 2 ended up in the basket. Really, it's all a mystery.

I still have quite a few Series 2 needs so I thought I'd knock some off the wantlist by busting a pack or three. The very first pack I opened revealed this beauty:

George Kell Peak Performance Jersey #67/99. I haven't seen one of these before, but I think it's the blue parallel which falls only 1:665 retail packs. It's a great swatch of one of those old jerseys. It sure beats another bland white swatch. The 5 packs I picked up were all part of a batch that had obviously been searched/manhandled so I'm glad Mr. Douchebag Packsearcher missed it.

*The small white dot on the right side was on the scanner, not the card. Not that you care.*


  1. SWEET!!! Would you consider trading it?? Let me know....rog004athotmaildotcom. Thanks!

  2. It's always nice to see Douchebag McSucksearcher fail big-time.

  3. Thanks guys. As of right now the card isn't for trade. If that changes, I'll let you know IDK...3rd base.