Sunday, July 4, 2010

Play at the Plate 23: Adrian Gonzalez vs. Joba Chamberlain

That's right, you read it correctly. Adrian vs. Joba.

2008 Stadium Club Joba Chamberlain

At first, I was a little confused. The Padres didn't play the Yankees in 2007. I checked 2008 and sure enough, the Padres visited Yankee stadium and this play took place on June 19, 2008.

The score is tied 0-0 in the top of the 2nd inning. Adrian Gonzalez steps in against starter Joba Chamberlain. He singles to left. Chase Headley follows with a ground rule double down the left field line. Tony Clark walks to load the bases with no outs. Scott Hairston strikes out, bringing up Khalil Greene. Chamberlain's 1-2 pitch gets past catcher Jose Molina. Chamberlain races home to cover the plate as Gonzalez tries to score. This is what happens next.

Gonzalez is OUT! Molina and Chamberlain make a good play to preserve the 0-0 tie. Khalil Greene would strike out and the Yanks get out of a bases loaded, no out jam. This would be important as they would go on to win the game 2-1.

I like this card, even though I'm not a Yankees fan, because it's different. It is a great example of the fine photography featured on many Stadium Club cards. I don't know of any other cards showing the pitcher covering home. Do you?


  1. There must be some. I'll have a look around. Nice card, though. '08 TSC was great.

  2. I hear the 2010 A & G Chamberlain features a pitcher covering the plate as well.