Monday, July 19, 2010

Ginter Blaster Goodness

I've been getting a little antsy to get my entry for Gint-A-Cuffs, but in the meantime I went to get some groceries at the local "W" store. I just happened to get in the checkout line by the card aisle and lo and behold, Ginter Retail had arrived with a bang. 10 Blasters, a gravity feeder AND rack packs. Oh..the choices!

I put all my groceries back and grabbed two blasters. Ok, I didn't really put the groceries back, but I did grab those two blasters. I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I busted the first blaster in the car before I left the parking lot.

If all blasters were like this one, I'd buy more. I picked one card from each pack to show.

My very first 2010 A&G card (from a pack I busted) is....

Justin Verlander. Now I would have scanned it, but I have a better card from the first pack.

The very first pack gave up this Michael Cuddyer no number mini. These are 1:188 packs in the blasters. That's not bad for the first pack.

Pack 2 gave up this Carlos Marmol jersey. These fall 1:30 packs in the blasters. Sure, I'd rather have pulled someone else, but it should make good trade bait.

Pack 3 gave up one of the 1:12, retail only "World's Biggest" minis, the Tree. I love that...World's Biggest mini.

If the Tree wasn't enough, pack 3 also gave up a second mini, the stylin' Copernicus.

Pack 4 revealed my oldest son's favorite animal, the Jaguar. I need another one of these so I can have one.

Pack 5 gave up a black bordered mini, Carlos Guillen. I like these, but this one is going in Grand Card's package for all those Rangers he sent me. I'm sure you read about that earlier today.

Pack 6 gave up my first SP mini, Bobby Abreau from the dreaded Angels.

Pack 7 had a beautiful play at the plate involving one Martin Prado. Love it.

Pack 8, I suppose the "Bonus Pack" promised on the blaster, had Ad-Back Chris Carpenter mini.

The box had 25 base cards and 4 SPs. I had 9 minis (one extra) that included 1 no-number, 1 black border, 1 World's Biggest, 1 Lords of Olympus, 1 National Animals, 2 Ad-Back, and 2 regular backs.

I've since bought two other blasters without the same success. I did get a World's Biggest mini in both boxes and 1 Sailor of the Seven Seas (1:24). Overall, I'm happy and glad to be bustin' Ginter again.

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