Thursday, July 29, 2010

I didn't win the College World Series (contest)...but second is pretty good

Zach over at Autographed Cards had a College World Series Contest. Somehow, I ended up getting second place which was almost as good as first place. Ryan from The Great Orioles Autograph Project won the contest and he got first choice from a bunch of prizes Zach put up for grabs. He chose an autographed Harmon Killebrew card that would have been my first choice, but everything else that I got was just what I wanted. I think it worked out great for both of us and this is probably the best second place prize pack in the history of history. Really, just wait until you see all the great stuff I got.

I'll start with my last choice and work my way up to my first choice.

The last of my five choices was this lot of 7 autos from Zach's collection.

That would be Mike Thompson, Todd Moser, Johnny Giruotella, Brett Jodie, Jeff Lahti, an A's player I don't know (I don't have the cards in front of me!) and Jose Ascanio.

My fourth choice was three unused MCG codes. These are the cards that came up.

1978 Marty Pattin

1978 Luis Tiant

1967 Pat Corrales

My third choice was this 2009 OPC Materials triple swatch.

You know my affinity for catchers, although I would say any Yankees catcher ranks at the bottom of the list. This was really all about Pudge.

My second choice was....

an 8x10 autographed photo of Nomar Garciaparra.

Last, and actually first on my list of choices, was an 8x10 autographed photo of Hall of Famer...

Bruce Sutter!

This is the second Hall of Famer auto I've won from Zach. I won an auto'd 8x10 of Rollie Fingers last year. As a kid, I remember thinking Bruce Sutter looked an awful lot like Grizzly Adams. I doubt I'm the only one around that's old enough to remember that show.

Zach also threw in a few extras.

A Zman Custom I think, of Rangers draft Pick Garrett Buechele, son of former Ranger Steve Buechele.

A slightly smeared Don Baylor auto on a 1982 Donruss card. I think Baylor got hit with another pitch just as he was signing this one!

Ryan and I both got one of these 2007 A&G Augie Garrido autos. This one will be in my son's collection as he is a huge Longhorns fan.

Zach, thanks for an incredibly generous prize pack!


  1. Great post, I still am trying to get a post up about the awesome cards Zach sent my way, but life has gotten in the way so far.

  2. Brian, I am glad that you enjoyed it!