Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Vintage play at the plate from Topps

I may be one of the only ones still checking the Topps Million Card Giveaway site on a daily basis. I get about 15-20 trade offers every day and I like to keep tabs on them. Normally, when I go to the site, I'll look to see the cards that were recently unlocked. If there is a card from the '50s or 60's, I'll click on it to see what it looks like.

Recently, I saw a 1956 card that I wanted. No, it wasn't the great Sandy Koufax or Jackie Robinson (I wish), but it WAS a vintage play at the plate. I made what I thought was a fair offer and soon I had the card (well, not really, Topps still has it) in my portfolio.

It's a 1956 Wayne Terwilliger. I've seen a number of these vintage cards that show plays at the plate, but this is the first one in my collection. Or will be when I get it shipped. So far, 12 of these Terwilliger's have been unlocked. I don't know which team the Giants are playing in the picture. I don't know if the card is based on a real play. I do know I like it and can't wait to put it in my collection.

Wayne Terwilliger didn't have an great career. But he did have a career, one that I would love to have. He played 9 seasons, appearing in over 660 games. He hit 22 homers and drove in 162 while batting .240. I like the "Giant Sparkplug" cartoon on the back.

Wayne was involved in one trade of interest. On June, 15, he was traded by the Chicago Cubs (with Johnny Schmitz, Rube Walker and Andy Pafko) to the Brooklyn Dodgers for Bruce Edwards, Joe Hatten, Eddie Miksis and Gene Hermanski. That is interesting to me because I also have one 1952 Topps card in my MCG portfolio. Bruce Edwards who came to the Cubs in that trade.


  1. Wayne got his ear pierced in 2006 at the age of 81. He and another guy on the Fort Wayne Cats of the Independent Central Baseball League made a pact that if they won the championship they would both get their ears pierced (Wayne was the first base coach).

  2. All I have on the MCG is a 1980 Tim Foli and a 1988 Derrell Akerfelds. :(

  3. That's a nice card. I like his squinty look and that is first name is really Willard, Willard Terwilliger!

  4. 15-20 trade offers a day???!!!

    If I get one a week, I'm thrilled. But then I have junk in my MCG portfolio.

    On the plus side: I have that Terwilliger card.

  5. I have ten cards (including 2 Pete Rose manager cards) from between 1959-1990 in my MCG profile. I've accepted a couple of trades but still don't have a single card I don't already own. I'd be willing to trade several of mine for one I need.

    However, I keep getting the "I'll let you take this 2004 card for your 1959 Topps" offers. No thanks.

  6. Got a chance to interview Wayne after his book came out. A heck of a nice guy and an interesting story to tell.

  7. Update on the Twig card coming tomorrow.

    Matt--that is a good story.

    Hackenbush--good catch on the name...I missed it.

    Night Owl--Most of those offers are for my '52 Bruce Edwards.

    Chris--I'll put up a list of what I have and you can see if there is anything you want to offer promises, but we might make a deal.

    ecloy--I didn't know about the book. Thanks for the info.

  8. Actually, you can read my entry tomorrow morning (just looked at the's actually going to be later THIS morning). Your post inspired me to show my small stash and link my wantlists to the blog.

  9. I go to the MCG site every day also, hoping someone will take that 1978 Pablo Torrealba off my hands. Yep, I'm still waiting.