Monday, July 19, 2010

Grand Card Giveaway

Recently, Grand Cards was in a trading mood and opened up the doors to the masses as he was trying to unload some cards. I claimed some Rangers for a few Tigers and boy did he deliver. I got a package stuffed with over 200 Rangers. I know for many of you that might be a nightmare bipping package, but I loved it. Don't worry though, I only scanned 4 cards to show.

Let's start this show with a cool oddball card.

This is a 1992 Mootown Snackers Nolan Ryan. It stands before you in all it's unlicensed glory. I didn't realize until after I scanned it that it opens up to show a card back with a facsimile auto and an offer to send away for a full set. For the super low price of $6.95, you could get Cal Ripken Jr., Kirby Puckett, Will Clark (I must have it!) and even Kevin Maas...remember when he was the next great thing?

Sweet Goose goodness ala 1992 Score. I thought it was cool to have Goose Gossage on the team.

1994 Donruss Triple Play Will Clark. All those cards and I think this was the only Will Clark. There is no faster way to get on my good side than with a Will Clark card.

This isn't the best card in the bunch, but it had the best picture of any of them. This is a 1991 Fleer Ultra Geno Petralli. I don't think he caught the ball, but I'm pretty sure the cameraman in the photo well didn't know that.

Thanks a bunch for the cards! I've rounded up your Tigers and I think you'll like what you get.

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