Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Electric!

This is my first ever blog post from home.


The family is out of town, I just came home from watching Inception, and I heard something unusual on the radio. Cheering.

I quickly tuned the radio to the Rangers game and I heard loud cheering. After C.J. Wilson threw a strike. Huh? That was just a strike, not an out. Then the crowd went nuts when he got an flyout. Then he struck a guy out and the crowd went crazy. What is going on? That isn't typical Rangers fan behavior. Then the announcers said it was 1-0, Rangers through 7 innings.

Really, 1-0? Wow. Against the Angels no less. I got home in time to watch Neftali Feliz close it out for C.J. and the Rangers!


That gives the Rangers a 7 game lead over the Angels. I honestly don't ever remember hearing the fans at the Ballpark cheering for every strike like that in July. It's JULY people! I'm just amazed at what's going on out there. Those of you that are fans of teams that have won a World Series...hell, won more than one postseason game EVER, don't understand what this is like. It's a new feeling for us Rangers fans and we are loving it. Of course, there is a part of my heart, deep down inside, that says don't get sucked in...don't fall for it! But, I can't help it. The Rangers have won the West before, been in the playoffs. They flamed out mightily every time. This time people all over are talking about the Rangers having a real shot this year. That's good stuff.

Tonight was amazing. The Rangers won their first 1-0 game at the Ballpark since September 3, 2008 against Seattle. Michael Young hit his second straight first inning homer and that was all the Rangers needed. C.J. Wilson pitched 8 shutout innings, giving up 4 hits and 0 walks. That is the same C.J. Wilson that leads the league in walks. I think Mr. Cliff Lee is having a positive influence on C.J. Neftali Feliz picked up his 27 save, tying for the Major League lead. When he struck out Bobby Abreau for out 27, the Ballpark went nuts.

I wish I had been there! Keep it up Rangers!!


  1. Can you believe it? Crazy stuff. They were even chanting BEAT LA! I thought a Lakers playoff game had broken out. Let's hope like heck they can keep it up. I'm ready for some playoff baseball!!

  2. Your first post from home? I think I've made one post from work ever -- very early in my blogging career -- and never remotely.

    Anyway, I hope you Rangers fans really have a good gauge on your team because what I really want to know is whether they can beat the Yankees in the playoffs.