Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Strikes Gold

Recently, I gave a little blog pub to a new blog, Two Strikes. It's run by Matt and he contacted me about a possible trade just before he started posting. Being a fellow Rangers collector, I was sure he would have some cards I liked and all he really wanted was some 2010 Topps. I have loads of series one dupes so I sent him a box.

He sent me some cardboard gold and some nice plays at the plate. I'm going to show you the gold now and save the plays at the plate for another day.

Hank Blalock #250/2010

Frank Francisco #675/2010

Omar Vizquel #1492/2010

Ivan Rodriguez #1240/2010

My son loves those gold cards. He hasn't been collecting long enough to become jaded to the serial numbered cards like so many of us have.

Matt, thanks for the cards and I hope we can do more trading in the future.

Everyone else, stop by Two Strikes and drop Matt a comment and some encouragement.

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