Saturday, July 3, 2010

How I spent my $20 in Target Giftcards

I alluded to this a few days ago, but I had two $10 Target gift cards that were burning a hole in my wallet. I was there just as the vendor walked up with a cart load of boxes, but he was a jerk and wouldn't look to see if he had any Bowman. He said it would be at least an hour before he started unpacking the unmarked boxes. Thanks for nothing buddy. Anyway, I took the last 2010 Chicle blaster, plus the 6 2008 Ginter packs I posted yesterday.

I pulled an auto in my first blaster which is posted here. Can I do it again?

Here are the results of my second Chicle blaster.

Pack 1

#226 Phil Rizzuto
#216 Bob Gibson
#190 Orlando Hudson
#226 Phil Rizzuto National Chicle back (1:4)--That's right, two Rizzutos in one pack. Lucky me.

#119 Jose Lopez
#164 Andre Ethier--not a bad card

Pack 2

#111 Paul Konerko
#56 B.J. Upton
#140 Javier Vazquez
#170 Jair Jurrgens Bazooka Back (1:8)

#204 Carlos Gonzalez
#234 Tris Speaker--It works for me.

Pack 3

#6 Joba Chamberlain
#31 Jayson Werth
#225 Mike Schmidt--Not good

#298 Joe Morgan SP--brilliant. Give Joe a big head (how appropriate is that) and put him in an Astros uni. I love it.

#54 Yunel Escobar
#84 Hanley Ramirez

Pack 4

#121 Yovani Gallardo
#176 Aaron Rowand
#181 John Maine

#70 Cliff Lee

#129 Nolan Reimold
#169 Denard Span

Pack 5

#251 Richie Ashburn
#231 Honus Wagner

#30 Michael Cuddyer
#208 Luis Aparicio National Chicle back
#199 Trevor Crowe
#3 Ichiro

Pack 6

#161 Juan Pierre
#116 Carlos Beltran
#175 Dexter Fowler
NCA-CC Carlos Carrasco auto (1:157)--not in the majors, but on-card. Still a bad choice.

#269 Tommy Manzella
#19 Jay Bruce

Pack 7

#76 Victor Martinez
#1 Albert Pujols
#299 Reggie Jackson SP--Wow. That's all I can say.

#55 Carl Crawford--That is just...I don't know. I'm no artist, but yikes.

#64 Alex Rodriguez
#104 Justin Upton

Pack 8

#236 George Sisler
#271 Brent Dlugach
#256 Tyler Flowers
#85 Justin Verlander
#159 Kenshin Kawakami
#194 Tim Lincecum

This set is so hit and miss. Some of the art is great and some is just odd. I didn't get any dupes in my blaster (I'm not counting the Rizzuto parallel as a dupe). I do want to put this set together so I suppose it's time to put up a wantlist. I know Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid is collecting this set....have any dupes?


  1. You aren't kidding about the hit or miss. Honus Wagner looks like an evil ogre from a fairy tale and Schmidt looks like a wax museum figure. The Reggie is sweet!

  2. Hey hey, be kind. Painting people is rediculously hard! Capturing a likeness of a person's face is very tough, never mind trying to make their skin look life-like. You hapopened to get a blaster full of some of the lesser quality paintings. I am most certainly trying to collect this set. If you check out my blog I will have a wantlist shortly.

  3. Nice the Scooter would say, "Holy Cow!"

  4. With Ichiro, Aparicio, Lincecum, Sisler, Jay Bruce and Reggie as an Oriole, I would have loved to get this blaster. Very cool.

  5. NMCLAX24...While I do find some of the art a little odd, even questionable for use in the set, I don't belittle the ability of anyone who can sketch/paint these players. I have absolutely no talent in this area as I could barely do a stick figure.