Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cardboard from Heaven

That's Cardboard Heaven. Cameron and I worked out a deal for some 2010 Topps cards...I received his package and realized I didn't mail his off before I went on vacation. I'll rectify that asap Cameron!

Cameron did send over the 2010 Topps cards, but what really got my attention was the stack of Michael Young cards. Thirty-one in all and that's what I scanned.

I never busted a pack of 2005 UD Reflections and I always appreciate getting Rangers from the years I wasn't collectiong.

2006 Topps Finest was another set I missed out on. Of course, it's 2010 and I haven't opened a pack of Finest from this year either.

I always like Topps Gallery and this 2005 version is no exception. I'm not an artist, but does the fact that Michael looks like he's underwater make this a water color?

I just noticed the scan on this 2007 Turkey Red Michael Young jersey card is a little wonky. That's a technical term I think. Wonky.

Cameron, thanks for the cards and I WILL get your's out soon. Thanks!

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