Friday, July 23, 2010

Did you see that!?

Crazy stuff happens in baseball all the time. You know it. I know it. Last night was crazy with the ejections, the catches, the plays at the plate.

Gettin' Wiggy With It

Last night in Baltimore, Umpire Gary Darling blew a call on an aborted steal attempt by J.J. Hardy. Hardy returned to first and was tagged out Ty Wigginton. Darling called him safe and Wigginton lost his mind!

Wigginton was almost immediately ejected and then he got his money's worth and will most likely get a fine if not a suspension for playing bump the ump. Later in the inning, Hardy scored, at which point O's pitching coach Rick Kranitz clapped for the ump and was immediately ejected. That led to Juan Samuel losing HIS mind and getting ejected. All's not well in Baltimore, but they got hosed on this sequence of events.

Phantom Out???

Umpire Eric Cooper called Billy Butler out on this play at the plate. The only problem was Cooper was behind Jorge Posada and didn't see that Posada's tag never made contact with Butler and he should have been safe.

Why I Respect Catchers

Prince Fielder must weigh 300 pounds. He came barreling around third against the Pirates and the throw came in to catcher Eric Kratz. Kratz stood his ground, took a cheap shot to the chin/chest area and held on to the ball as his mask and Fielder went flying. Fielder was out and Kratz never left his feet. Nice...

Still wanna trade for DeJesus?

David DeJesus made a great catch on a drive by Derek Jeter. Unfortunately, he didn't hold on to the ball and sprained his thumb in the process. All the while, Derek Jeter is motoring around the bases for his second career inside the park homerun.

The Best For Last--Ichiro

If you haven't seen the replay of this U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E. catch by Ichiro, go find it now. Right now. Well, you could comment first, but you have to see this catch. I've never seen a more amazing catch. Never.

Man, I love this game.


  1. Umpires get 98% of the calls right however on very close plays it is like 50% - especially when the ball beats a batter to the base - they tend to miss the most on stolen bases of second base where 5-10% of the calls go against the runner - but they do this on purpose -baseball needs balance because 75% success rate on stolen bases would be to high.

  2. I saw that Wigginton tirade live. Had the MLB network on mute, talking to the wife when he went nuts. My kind wife offered to pause the conversation to see what he was going nuts about.

  3. I can't believe I wasn't watching the Mariners game night. OK, I left a comment. Off to find the Ichiro video!

  4. I was watching that Royals/Yankees game last night and apparently the last time Jeter hit an inside the parker, it was against the Royals and Tom Goodwin was playing center and had hurt himself on the play. What are the odds?

  5. Kratz is something like a 30 yr old rookie and from the Philadelphia area. I am glad to see him get the call - looks like he plans on making the most of it.