Monday, February 27, 2012

Blowin' it up

The latest package arrived from Blowout on Friday. I picked up a couple of lots from the same seller.

One was very cheap, but loaded with 2012 Gold cards, 1987 minis and this beauty:

I'd prefer to have a player/team I collect, but I really just wanted one of these Retired Rings cards and the player didn't matter. These cards are thick, like one of those great milkshakes you can't find anymore. I don't know why these are numbered to 736 though. That seems like a random number.

The other lot was a ridiculous Tier One lot. It was very cheap and I couldn't resist. The seller posted it late at night and I was the only one up I guess. I never busted any Tier One so it was nice to see some of these in person.

Here is a base Lou Gehrig #616/799. Nothing wrong with the "Iron Horse".

Next up is a Pee Wee Reese single bat relic #145/399. I won't swear this is actually from a real bat, much less one Reese used in a game. It's still a nice card.

The last card in the Tier One lot is a Brooks Robinson dual relic #35/99. Ryan H has first dibs on this one as I've asked about a number of cards on his blog recently.

I may have a bigger problem with Blowout than I do retail wax at Wal-mart. I try not to check it every night because I always find some cards I want. Last night I missed out on a couple of Rangers from the Gold Rush redemption packs. If anyone has any of those that are for trade, let me know.


  1. I like the teir one cards, just got a Carl Crawford in the mail an hour ago form COMC, very nice design and very cheap!

  2. Good stuff. I've never gone to Blowout, only because I fear if I have too many places to shop for cards, it's gonna cause problems.

  3. Sorry to hear about Terry Mathews