Monday, February 6, 2012

The February Contest....Who made the cut?

I'm sure you're tired of the contest posts by now, but I have to say I enjoyed the response and many of the comments were just hilarious. Many of the comments were very flattering (it won't help you win, but I appreciate it nonetheless) and now I'm officially scared of Captain Canuck (not really).

First, allow me to show you who the six "finalists" for the randomization are this month.

Contest Post 1--Guessing how many hits I had in January

I set a new record with 5080 hits last month. That beat my old record by 548. I don't generally pay attention to the hits anymore. It was really important when I first started, but I only check the stats about once a month anymore. I know a lot of you do better than me and I'm glad about that. The fact that anyone besides my mom actually clicks on these things is amazing. Anyway, the person who guessed closest was Cynical Buddha with 5001. CB earns the first spot in the randomization.

Contest Post 2--Guessing which relic I pulled from my 2012 packs

I pulled a relic from my 10 retail packs. It was:

Yovani Gallardo, Brewers. Derek Hill thought he was late to the party, but he was just in time to pick the Brewers. Amazingly, Cynical Buddha also picked the Brewers. I randomized those two guys three times and Derek came out on top so Derek gets the second spot in the randomizer.

Contest post 3--Are you in or out on 2012 Topps?

I randomized a number and comment 31 gets the 3rd spot. That comes up as mariner1.

Contest post 4--Guess the manupatch

I have to say, I was surprised more people didn't guess this guy:

That was my manu-patch from the blaster I opened. Jason was the only one to guess Mantle so he gets spot #4 in the randomizer.

Contest post 5--Superbowl winner

This was a very close one, but The Daily Dimwit guessed the Giants and got closest on the total yards with a guess of 734. He only missed the actual total of 745 by 11 yards.

Contest post 6--Freebie

The comments for this one were great. I randomized a number and the lucky commenter was Hackenbush the lumberjack.

I randomized the 6 finalists using Here is the video if you want to watch it:

Congrats to Cynical Buddha!

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest and reading along.


  1. Dang! The video preview had me on top! lol

    Congrats Buddha and thanks PATP for another fun contest.

  2. Congrats cynicalbuddha and thanx to Brian for yet another fun contest.

    I do feel like I am experiencing a Walk of Shame moment now that I have given up my unicorn secret though. Oh well, que sera sera.

  3. Great contests and congratulations on the win Buddha!

    I'm surprised my blog got a couple more hits than yours very very suprised!

  4. nice job - and i had fun playing!

  5. I'm a wiener??!!?? No way? what did I win again? LOL that's awesome.

  6. I totally forgot what the prize was. Yeah Topps blaster. Sweet.