Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Topps Golden Giveaway Site is Live....

I realize many of you won't care, and I'm hardly jumping for joy, but it's true.


Let me know if you get anything worthwhile.


  1. Well the "prizes" I got for my 2 codes were 2 virtual coins, Ryan Howard and Johnny Bench. Or in other words, I got 2 less cards in my packs in exchange for nothing. This is going to be a disaster, at least I hope it is so it won't be back next year.

  2. I'm with you...so far. I at least got two real cards, or the cards they manufactured just for this thing.

  3. A Longoria gold coin. Excitement.

    I'm holding on to my other two code cards until tomorrow. My heart can't take too many thrills at once.

  4. Joe Morgan coin, Arizona Diamondbacks coin, Phil Rizzuto coin. I think I have a few more code cards but like Night Owl, I can only take so much excitement in one night. Dare I say I already miss the Diamond Giveaway?

  5. I got Joe DiMaggio and Los Angeles Dodgers coins with the two codes I had close by.

  6. Just busted my first 2012 Topps Packs tonight. Got a code....

    New York Yankees Digital Gold Coin....

    Shoot! Had my eye on a Golden Ichiro 1/1

    - Johnny

  7. I got a Mariners coin, a coin of that Brewers guy who did all the drugs, and a Bob Gibson coin.

    Make that... virtual coins. The worst kind of coin. I can't even play a game of Donkey Kong with that.

  8. Jim Palmer coin. Brings back mental images of old Jockey ads with him in his underwear. Thanks, Topps.

  9. Since the diamond giveaway was a wash, I decided to sell all my golden codes on ebay. I have sold roughly 35 codes and made enought back to buy another hobby box.