Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Drinking with Legends

I was trolling the late night Blowout forums and came across a cheap lot of drunk legends. The buyer took mercy on me and included one non-liquorfractor. I guess it was supposed to sober me up.

It's funny that the one non-liquorfractor was Ty Cobb.

After only one drink of Cognac, Joe DiMaggio is looking good. Must be all that Mr. Coffee.

After two drinks, I'm feeling a little batty. Don't get in my way Carl Yastrzemski.

Now I'm getting downright belligerent and I'm ready to swing away.

I'm done for. I'm bumbling...

...and stumbling...

...and down for the count.

I really need to organize my shinys from 2011. I have a bunch, but don't know how many I have or need.


  1. Could we work out a trade for the Cobb?

  2. That was a bad ass awesome post sir!!! You never disappoint my friend... Ya always keep me smiling...