Friday, February 3, 2012

February Contest Part 4: Keeping me in stitches

I know most people don't like manupatches. I know most people don't like manupatches. I know most people don't like manupatches.

There, I got it out of my system.

Knowing the above information, I still bought a blaster of 2012 Topps. I was surprised to find that I kind of like the Historical Stitches manupatches. Honestly, I can't say what it is that I like about it. It's just a name stitched into the fabric. Maybe it's the large swatch of manufactured fakeness that I like.
I really can't explain it.

I'm actually thinking about, over time, when they get cheaper, collecting the whole set. If you have one and don't want it, I'd be willing to trade for it. Maybe.

Oh yea, the contest. I think there are 25 of these things. Guess which Historical Stitches card I pulled in my blaster. The person or people who guess correctly will have a shot at being randomized to get into the randomization for the 2012 Topps blaster.

Here's the checklist to make your life easier. That's just how I roll.

Historical Stitches
HS-DM Don Mattingly
HS-WMC Willie McCovey
HS-JR Jackie Robinson
HS-WM Willie Mays
HS-SK Sandy Koufax
HS-HA Hank Aaron
HS-RC Roberto Clemente
HS-CF Carlton Fisk
HS-TC Ty Cobb
HS-MM Mickey Mantle
HS-NR Nolan Ryan
HS-SM Stan Musial
HS-RS Ryne Sandberg
HS-RM Roger Maris
HS-FR Frank Robinson
HS-BG Bob Gibson
HS-JD Joe DiMaggio
HS-LG Lou Gehrig
HS-JB Johnny Bench
HS-TS Tom Seaver
HS-MS Mike Schmidt
HS-LA Luis Aparicio
HS-AK Al Kaline
HS-JM Joe Morgan
HS-RJ Reggie Jackson

Good luck!


  1. DiMaggio.

    One can rightfully hate the yankees while loving the old timers right?

  2. Tom Seaver, if so I'd love to trade you for it!

  3. Reggie Jackson (because that's the one I pulled).

  4. Mike Schmidt.

    I still don't get these things.

  5. i WAS going to say seaver, but instead... Nolan Ryan.

  6. Mantle - being Topps they're probably seeded about 2X greater than the others

  7. Once again, I'm with Spiegel...
    HS-SK Sandy Koufax

  8. Nolan Ryan jumped out at me. Leave me alone Nolan Ryan!

  9. uhhhh Hank Aaron? I guess. What was the question?

  10. I'm surprised Topps didn't try to sneak a Strasburg or a Harper in there.

    My Guess is everybody's favorite former broadcaster Joe Morgan.

  11. Bench. Anytime I have to guess and a cool Reds card is an option, I'll pick it knowing that I'll never get it means better odds you did.

  12. Tom Seaver cause both my first two guesses were already guessed.

  13. He's the man that thrills the fans, he's swingin' Stan the Man!


  14. i gotta go mattingly too. i had the same feeling.

    and yeh - somebody can actually be a dodgers fan and would not mind mantle or jeter on his team.

    jury is still out on how i feel about this string of ex-yankees being skipper.

    i'm lukewarm on torre, but mattingly steered a decent ship through what i can only hope will be his least distracting season ever.

  15. I'll guess Aparicio. Got the McCovey from my first blaster. If you want to trade for it shoot me a line.