Thursday, February 9, 2012

I didn't even know I forgot I had these

I was looking through the one remaining tub of cards I have from my glory days...well, not glory days, more like the dark days back in the late '90s. I found this pack in the tub.

It's a 1997 Leaf Signature Edition football pack. It came with 5 regular cards and 2 8X10 cards, one of which was autographed. These were nice on-card autos. I must have bought at least 7 of these packs, because inside were 6 of the autographed 8X10 cards plus I have Darryl Johnston in the house (unless I traded it already).

Here we have Thurman Thomas, Hall of Fame class of 2007. That's a very nice signature.

The back of the cards have another nice picture and some career information for each player.

Joey Galloway had over 10,000 yards receiving and scored 83 touchdowns. That's not too shabby. His auto could use some work.

Tiki Barber had over 10,000 yards rushing, 5000 yards receiving and scored more than 60 touchdowns. His auto is about like Galloway's, but he added his #21.

Karim Abdul-Jabbar made a splash in his rookie season with 1116 rushing yards, but he only played three more full seasons.

Greg Hill was the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick in 1994, but he never really panned out. In 6 seasons, he had just over 3,000 rushing yards.

Rodney Hampton was the first round pick of the New York Giants in 1990. He had five 1000 yard seasons and played for 8 years. Hey Rodney, do you see that huge white space under your name? That's where the auto goes, not on your crotch!

Mike Alstott was a beast. He played 11 seasons for the Bucs and had just over 5000 yards rushing, but scored 71 total touchdowns. He sent a lot of linebackers and defensive backs back to the locker room needing time in the ice bath.

I'm still not much of a football guy, but these are pretty cool and you just can't go wrong with on-card autos.


  1. nice.Would love to see the Moose if you still have it.

  2. I had a bunch of those at one time too. The only one I have left is an Allstott just like yours. I also have a 8x10 Stained Glass Stars of Kordell Stewert in a box somewhere. It's pretty cool cause it is see through. To bad it's Kordell.

  3. These are awesome, I have a Darrell Green one, still looking for a Frerotte.

  4. Wow... you did really well with your seven packs. I bought several packs of this stuff too, but don't think I have any HOFers.

    My favorites are my three Packers: Dorsey Levens, Robert Brooks, and Antonio Freeman.