Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Golden Giveaway, Round 1

I noticed Topps' Golden Giveaway site was live last night. I had 11 codes to enter, 6 of my own and 5 from a local friend who didn't want to bother this time.

I entered all 11 and got the following:

Virtual Team Coins
Braves, Brewers, Rockies and Phillies

Virtual Player Coins
Jose Bautista, Ryan Braun, Tim Lincecum and 2 Hanley Ramirez

Virtual H.O.F. Coins
Bob Gibson and Johnny Bench

When I unlocked my 3rd team coin, I got a "prize". The prize was a free code, which unlocks automatically. This code resulted in a real card.

I can actually get this one shipped. It's the Al Kaline base card. It's currently being offered for the Nolan Ryan.

When I unlocked my 3rd player coin, I got another "prize". This free code also resulted in another real card.

I'm not complaining. I like Duke Snider. We aren't related, but sharing a last name makes him collectible to me.

I thought it was odd that the only real cards I unlocked just happened to be with the "free" codes. Let me know if you have a different experience.

Good luck if you're participating. So far I've seen four Rangers cards which I guess I'll try to get.


  1. Interesting!

    I had only amassed two Giveaway cards and just punched them in:

    - GMDC-68 (Justin Verlander, Silver), it says it's deliverable!

    - DiMaggio HOF Coin

    I've proposed a trade of the Verlander for a (gold) Mattingly that somebody has unlocked out there. I am guessing that the gold is more highly coveted than the silver? SO, I'm not expecting much of a response from Donnie Baseball's keeper!

    Oh well. Kind of a quirky system but a little fun. I just don't think I'll be buying too much more to give a serious chase of the prizes.

    That reminds me, though - I need to close out and have my 2011 cards sent!

  2. are these cards some kind of subset?

  3. I'd gotten my hands on 13 codes and I only unlocked coins. 6 teams, 2 players & 5 H.O.F.ers (Cobb, Clemente, Robinson, DiMaggio & Seaver).

  4. 12 codes, all coins - 2 bonus codes, all coins. Boooo-urns.