Thursday, February 2, 2012

A highly inappropriate back order

Yesterday I posted the Die-Cut portion of my Diamond Giveaway haul. Here is the vintage portion of my first order. It is minus one card that is on back order. Topps informed me my Dick Such is not available at this time. Get your mind out of the gutter people.

I'm talking about one of these 1971 Dick Suchs. I supposet they'll send it directly. I've never gotten a...never mind. I'm not going there.

Here are the cards I did get from Topps.

1976 Tom Grieve. This one is going out for a TTM request. This one is in rough condition.

1976 Walt Williams. This is one that has a childhood story attached to it and will also be going out for a TTM request.

1976 Larry Haney. This is one I unlocked myself and will be going in the catcher binder. At least it won't upset Captain Canuck!

1976 Juan Beniquez. One for the Ranger collection. Nothing like a little shadow on the face.

1976 Leo Cardenas. Another one for the Ranger collection.

1974 Fran Healy. I predict this one will be showing up in a play at the plate post soon.

1973 Jim Lonborg. I traded for this one after I saw it on someone's if I could just figure out which wantlist.

1973 Mike Andrews. Since I'm very lazily trying to collect the '73 set, I traded for a few of these.

1973 Mike Epstein. Another one I needed.

1973 Chris Speier. This is one of the cards I made numerous offers for before someone accepted. It is great!

1972 Rich Hand. I don't think I needed this one, but I unlocked it myself and couldn't let Topps throw it back in the dank, musty vault.

1970 Paul Casanova. A Senators card AND a nice catcher card, all wrapped up in one.

1968 Willie Davis. This is mis-cut, but it's in great shape otherwise.

1964 Ed Brinkman. Another one for the Senators collection.

1961 Coot Veal. This card is in pretty rough condition, but it's another great Senators card.

1959 Frank House. This is a great card and one I saw pop up on the recently unlocked card page so I made an offer for it and it was accepted pretty quick. It is headed for the catcher binder.

Until the Diamond Giveaway site is back up, that concludes my haul. I have another round of cards to request and a stack that my son got when he received his set.


  1. Good luck with the No Neck TTM request!

  2. The Lonborg was on my Topps #3 wantlist, but I recently picked it up. Of course, it very well could have been on someone else's list, too.

  3. I like the Healy/Munson. A play at the plate with TWO catchers! SWWWWEEET!