Monday, February 27, 2012

In the News

Maybe I should have titled this installment of my old TTM binder "Media Darlings". These ladies aren't all in the news business anymore, but they are all still in the media in some way or another.

First up, Hannah Storm.

Hannah has worked for CNN, NBC Sports, The Early Show on CBS and now ESPN/ABC. I got this auto back when she was working for NBC.

Next up is Katie Couric.

Katie was a member of the Today Show on NBC for 15 years. In 2006 she became the first lead anchor on a major network evening news when she took the desk at The CBS Evening News. She left to move to ABC in late 2011 and will contribute to the news and have her own daytime talk show starting in September, 2012. Do we really need another daytime talk show? I think not, but I don't watch TV during the day, so it won't affect me at all.

The last mainstream news person I have is Diane Sawyer.

Diane has been around the block and has the resume to prove it. She worked as a White House press aide and served as an assistant to former President Nixon. She has anchored the CBS Morning News, worked on 60 Minutes, co-anchored Primetime Live and 20/20, worked on Good Morning America and is now the ABC World News anchor. She still looks pretty good for a 66 year old lady. Heck, she looks pretty good for a 46 year old lady.

Last and not least, is Leeza Gibbons.

Leeza is best known for her run on Entertainment Tonight (and those legs ain't bad either). She pops up on TV from time to time now, often times advertising some product or another. I really like the silver Sharpie on this pic.

That's all the news that's fit to show. At least, that's all I have to show.

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