Friday, February 24, 2012

This is going to anger a certain Canadian

I have the black, numbered to 100.

I have the gold, numbered to 50.

Now it's time to show the red, numbered to 25.

This was in one of the packages I mentioned this morning. It finally arrived today and it contained another in my inexplicable quest for a Brian McCann rainbow. It's the 2011 Topps Chrome red refractor, #22/25.

Let me get one thing straight. I didn't set out to get a McCannbow, it sort of just happened. The black and gold were just there for the getting and when I saw this one posted, I jumped at it.

Yes, Captain Canuck, this one is going in the catcher binder with the other two. Now I'm going to have to hide that thing in an even better spot.


  1. sweet mother... I'm going to need bigger guns.

  2. Those are beautiful.
    I thought I had the orange one but just looked and don't see it. If I come across it, it will head towards the rainbow. Do you have the base? If not I've got a copy of that one.

  3. Isn't there a scene in "Face-Off" where gunmen are laying waste in a fit of action-movie carnage to the soundtrack of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"?

    That's the image that came to mind when I pictured the Cap'n coming to lay claim to this McCann rainbow.

    Good luck, PATP!

    (and SUHWEEEEET card!)

  4. Wow... I don't bust new stuff, so I've never seen a 2011 Topps Chrome Red Refractor. That thing is awesome! Best of luck on your search for the rainbow.