Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Contest Part 5: It had to be asked

I don't have any rooting interest in the Super Bowl. You have the Giants who I can't stand. You have the Patriots who I can't stand. I'll still watch the game because it's the Super Bowl, but in all honesty, if it ended up in a tie, I wouldn't care.

However, the NFL won't let it end in a tie so how about you throw down a prediction.

For this entry, I only want you to predict the winning team and as a tie-breaker, guess the total yards for both teams. The person who guesses the winner and gets closest to the yardage will earn a spot in the randomization for the 2012 Topps Blaster.

Good luck!


  1. I want the Giants to win again...but my guess will be..

    Patriots 702 total yards

  2. Patriots, 770 total yards.


  3. could there be a worse matchup??? Yecchhhhhhhhh....

    Patriots. 801 yards.

  4. Ah, geez, I have to do this for work, too. Thanks for reminding me of work.

    Patriots. 755 or whatever. I don't care.

  5. I think the Giants will win. 725 total yards

  6. I happen to know for a fact the team that will win this year's superbowl will be the team that scores the most points...

    let try Giants with 777 yards

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  8. giants win. (god, its hard for me to EVER pick ANY giants to win)

    total yards: 853

  9. I hate this Super Bowl matchup so much, I refuse to watch and I refuse to guess.

    But since I've taken the time to type all this out what the hell.

    Patrats. 666 yards

  10. Where's all this hate from?

    Patriots 902 yards

  11. Pats for the win

    869 total yards

    Although I agree with dayf, this Super Bowl will not be on in my house.