Sunday, February 19, 2012

I won my own contest

Mark aka CynicalBuddha from Collector's Crack won my February contest. He sent me some stuff as a thank you/trade. That's not necessary, but it's cool, and not just because Mark lives in Alaska.

I missed out on the 2005 Heritage set, but it's the one Heritage set I would most like to collect. I love the 1956 set, so this is a perfect fit for me. I like this card and I don't even like Alfonso Soriano. It's still a sharp looking design.

This is instantly one of my favorite Will Clark cards. It's from the 1995 Sport Flix set and features a bunch of sledge hammers. I keep staring at it waiting for some eagle image to appear in the background.

Mark included a note with his package and said he found a jersey card in his trade bait that I might like. Well, I do like. I like very much. This Juan Gonzalez jersey card is from 2002 UD Ovation. I bought some of this stuff, but the only jersey card I ever pulled was a Jeff Bagwell. (I'm just noticing how crooked that card scanned.)

Mark sent over a short stack of Diamond Anniversary and Cognac parallels. He also included one of the 2012 parallels of Mitch Moreland. I like these cards alright, but they do not scan well.

Mark, thanks so much for the cards. Stay warm up there in Alaska!


  1. I think I am the only person in blogland that isn't a big fane of the 1956 set. Aside from 1952 and 1957, I think 56 is the weakest of the 1950s Topps sets.

    That being said, this was a nice gesture from a contest winner and some really cool cards.

  2. Got your package last night. I went right out to Target and bought a blaster. I remember you asked for that Moreland and I wanted to send you something for that kick ass Gallardo relic you sent along too. Thanks again