Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feelin' Blue

I've hit one of my funks. It happens to me periodically. It doesn't have anything to do with cards. It's a combination of life, money, general blah stuff. Maybe I need more colorful ponies in my life.

My mother-in-law dropped by with a blaster of 2012 Topps yesterday. It's the first thing she's given me since we opened the American Pie blasters. Not that I'm complaining or anything. She's very generous and I appreciate her very much.

The blaster didn't have anything overwhelming in it, but I did find some of those good play at the plate shots that seem to be common in 2012 Topps. Not only that, but all three were blue parallels and came in the same pack.

Ok, so this Alex Liddi is more like 1/2 a play at the plate. We don't even see the catcher, which is the best part of the play. Actually, judging from Liddi's gaze, the play is actually taking place at first base.

My son loved this Chris Ianetta card. He likes Seth Smith and Ianetta because we saw the Rockies at Coors Field back in 2010.

This is the card of the year for me so far. I know it's a limited sample, but this Desmond Jennings play at the plate is awesome. I think this is from the 1st inning of the July 31st game when the Rays were at Seattle. The fact that Jennings strikes out about 25% of the time made it a little easier to find this patp.

Since it was a blaster, I figured I'd show you the "manu-patch". I pulled a Tom Seaver Retired Numbers. These look ok, but I'd be willing to trade it for one of the Stitches "manu-patches".


  1. Okay I feel like a heel for asking, but is the Iannetta available? I can send your boy 6 different Iannettas for it (maybe more if I have more).

  2. That Mariners card is the first I've seen that the blue border treatment actually adds to the overall look. In most cases, it takes away from the appearance. The red borders add a lot to the appropriate teams, especially the Phillies, but I think they would also detract from the appearance of a lot of the teams. I saw a post sometime this past week that posed the question of team colored borders (non-refractorish if you will) for the base cards, I think that would be an awesome idea.

  3. i have interest in the Seaver patch - but the only patch i have is Al Kaline. i don't suppose you'd be interested in that swap?

  4. Not sure if this would work but I would be interested in a three-way trade if Kev is up for it. I could send you the McCovey stiches card and you could send him the Seaver. I'd do that for the Napoli silk on his blog (or other decent Ranger hit).