Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Really Topps? Not a 2012 rant

Back in September, I posted this card, pulled by my very own hands from a rack pack.

Just a couple weeks later, I got this card in a break held by Sam over at the Daily Dimwit.

Naturally, I redeemed it. Yesterday, I got this email from Topps.

Dear Consumer.

This email is to inform you that the Topps Company is currently beyond the 15 week processing time allocated for the following redemption card:

PIN #: Product: Card/Player Name
GRCPCV24UL Linage Ian Kinsler - Autograph Reprint

Our staff is working diligently to process and ship your redemption card as soon as possible. Please continue to check your Online Redemption account for updates regarding the status of your card.

If you no longer wish to wait for the redemption card, please contact our Consumer Relations team in order to place a substitution request for a card of equal Beckett value.

Do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations department via phone at 1-800-489-9149 or via email at for assistance. A consumer relations representative will be available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30 pm (ET).


Consumer Relations
The Topps Company, Inc.

Seriously? You can't fill a redemption for a card you actually inserted into packs?

Topps, we go way back, but this doesn't make any sense to me.


  1. Hearing stories like this makes me scared to pull a redemption from Topps. It seems that Topps makes it a hassle for its customers to redeem these things. Why don't they make it easier for people to get there redemptions? They are the only company in town and they should get there act together.

  2. Ouch, Makes me confused.

    At least that card is sick looking!


  3. I'm still waiting to see if I'll actually get my Johnny McEnroe auto from 2011 Ginter or not. I got that email months ago.

  4. The only positive that I can add to this is that I've heard of multiple instances where people have gotten a replacement from Topps, the original card then came into existence and Topps still sent the card to the people who had pending redemptions.

    It is pretty damn annoying though. It was frustrating when I opened by box of Finest to find that both of my hits were redemption cards. Luckily they were both live. If I had to wait for them, the frustration would have grown tenfold.