Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Contest: Last Call

I'm going to make this last round easy on you.

You can enter just by leaving a comment, asking a question, telling me this type of contest is bogus, telling me this type of contest is fun, telling me to get a life, or whatever you want to get off your chest.

I'll randomly pick one comment from this post to randomize with the other 5 and announce a winner tomorrow.

Thanks for participating!


  1. I LOVE unicorns. I don't care if that makes me girly or not.

    Finally that's off my chest.

  2. I wish the Steelers were in the Super Bowl.

    I wish the Reds were in the World Series.

    I wish my pizza was ready.

  3. I'd better win this.

    I know where you live.

    Just sayin'

  4. Reading this post was the exercise that I used to burn off all of the Super Bowl food I've eaten this afternoon.

    Thanks for the contest Brian

  5. This contest smells of Hades and the underworld and the ponies that Dayf molests after he draws and posts them. Yeah, I'm in a bad mood. Hopefully the Bowl or the commercials will cheer me up.

  6. Oh, I can do anything?

    Ok I'll plug my contest then.

  7. Diamond King: Wait, what??



    Hiflew: DK isn't MAN enough to love unicorns.

  8. oooh, Captain Canuck is sooo intimidating, except he's in Canada.

  9. Your contests are always exciting good sir. Also, hit me back when you're ready to deal.

  10. The best part of today is that there are only 2 weeks till pitchers and catchers report.

  11. I hate both of these teams that are in the Super Bowl. They both have obnoxious fan bases. But, it is my duty as an American to watch the Super Bowl. Just like it is my duty as an American to wear baseball hats and be skeptical of communists.

  12. I've enjoyed the contest. Thanks!

  13. I'm concerned about DayF and the ponies... I think it's just about time for an intervention... I saw we all just show up at his house with our binders of baseball cards and have a nice long sit down discussion about this whole ponies vs. baseball cards thing.

    Verification Word: lidge... seriously, blogger, must you keep reminding me????

  14. Anyone showing up at my house trying to give me an intervention will be taken hostage and will not be allowed to leave until they promise take a shoebox full of early '90s Donruss home with them.

    And I wear size 13s, so COME AT ME BRO

  15. So, why do you think this contest is bogus?

    I think it's just the kind of fun we can relate too, at least until you get a life.

    The only things I'd truly like to get off my chest:
    Rosenort - ditto
    Hiflew - Unicorns? Really?
    Fanof reds - dammit, now I'm hungry for pizza
    Capt - anybody who's traded with PATP knows where he lives
    Eric - BOOGAR!!
    Robert - keep eaing
    DK - don't ask, don't tell
    Nick - double ditto
    Spankee - I think that means he's only 93.3% itimidating with the current exchange rate
    Greg - sounds like Dayf is the one who wants to do the hitting tonight
    Hackenbush - D.A.D.T. as well
    adame - the worse part of today is that there are still two weeks left till pitchers and catchers report
    Spiegel - I'm ahead of you on this one, I don't like football, period
    arpsmith - triple ditto
    Sam - way cool verification word, even though he's no longer in pinstripes, and I think Dayf has a very unhealthy obsession with ponies.
    Dayf - is that your horseshoe size?

  16. My five week old son is currently drilling farts into my lap.


  17. That guy on the boingy wire was Intense

  18. This is a comment. I am making some kind of statement here.

  19. Football is almost over. Bring on baseball season!!

  20. The Giants won. And baseball is here. Almost.

  21. I was glad to see the Pats lose. Hopefully next year I can be glad to see a team win.

  22. You have got to get the 1997 Stadium Club #279 Scott Servais (if you don't already have it). It is all you buddy!

  23. It's been a highlight of my week! I look forward to all your posts!

  24. post-super bowl contests like this are why al quaeda hates us