Saturday, February 18, 2012

I didn't know the Giants were a prison team

This card is hideous and inexcusable.

It looks like the cap they would have worn in The Longest Yard if it had been a baseball movie. (If you haven't seen the one with Burt Reynolds, you need to rent it.)

John Cumberland was coming off a 3-4 season with the Yankees. Even so, he still didn't deserve to be treated like this.

Shame on you early 1970's Topps editor guy.




(P.S. I can't wait to see how this guy handles this card. He always comes up with something so it should be good.)


  1. Here's Cumberland treated better on a card. From the CMC set.

  2. There is nothing I hate more than baseball cards showing guys without baseball caps on... They become nothing more than pics of guys with bad hair...
    Although I am glad they put a hat on Cumberland... Well, it still sucks! Too many cards like this... Topps photographers are well paid - they should snap more than 1 picture, 1 day in spring training... Boo!

  3. Yeah, I don't like that card either. I do like the fact that it's a Giant and Giants fans -- the 2 of them -- have to collect it.

    I was just debating watching The Longest Yard on Netflix last night. Decided not too because didn't have the time.

  4. I love 71 topps so much, but there are some turrible cards in that set.

  5. The Giants aren't a prison team? Really?

  6. Well they had a guy who may go to prison. You need to show that card to "airbrushed fridays"