Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Wicked Book Collection

The Cardboard Don aka Wicked Ortega had a zip code post recently. I was happy to see my zip code included because Al always sends some great cards. This time he even sent a couple books. Collect-a-books that is.

I love these Collect-A-Books and this Nolan Ryan is no exception. It won't take long to read, but it will look good in my Rangers collection.

Here is another Collect-A-Book, this time of Ruben Sierra. Sierra seemed liked he was always in a good mood.

I'm digging the throw back look Juan has on this 2003 Playoff Prestige card. I'd like to have an old style batting helmet with that W on it.

Speaking of throwbacks, check out this 2005 Sweet Spot Classic Frank Howard. Howard was a big bopper back in his day.

We'll wrap this up with a 2009 SPX Mark Teixeira jersey card. Do you see a problem with this card? It says "Yankees", but shows him with the Rangers. Each team has a grey uniform so who knows which uniform it is, I sure don't.

Thanks for the great cards Al! I appreciate it as always.


  1. What a weird coincidence - I just saw a bunch of those Collect A Books in the "random stuff for a dollar" bin at my LCS this past weekend

  2. Wow. I totally had a crazy flashback moment as soon as I saw the Ruben Sierra. I remember it like yesterday. It's got to be at my parents house somewhere.