Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is the vault empty?

I don't know of anyone who got more involved in Topps' Million Card Giveaway and Diamond Giveaway than me. I fell for both of those promotions in a big way. The possibility of unlocking some nice vintage cards was too much for me to resist.

Now that the 2012 Golden Giveaway is close to going live, I was just as excited about it. Until I read the back of the card and the part of the website that is available.

If I read the information correctly, you won't be able to unlock vintage cards this time. It looks like the codes will unlock digital golden coins, limited edition gold chrome die-cuts or cards with real gold. That list doesn't include any real Topps cards.

As a team collector, it would be nice to get any Rangers die-cuts, but without the possibility of unlocking any actual Topps cards, I'm not sure my enthusiasm will be the same this year.

I guess I'll have to wait until the site goes live to know for sure.


  1. If everything is a "prize" this year, I wonder if we'll still have to pay shipping charges?

  2. If it's anything like last year's football giveaway, stay far, far away. Between a case, some other packs and a few other codes I think I entered about 75 codes. I only unlocked a few die-cut cards (which apparently became more common much later) and lots of virtual items, but nowhere near enough for the Namath autograph because the items you needed were extremely, extremely rare. So the best you'll do is unlock some die-cuts, for which you WILL have to pay shipping, and 99% of your other codes will be worthless. Do yourself a favor and sell any code cards you get to the people that want to chase the big stuff, you'll be glad you did.

  3. It might seem silly, but no vintage in the giveaway was part of the reason I skipped the base set this year.

  4. People seemed to love the die cuts in the Diamond Giveaway so I' sure they will love these too. You yourself went after all the Ranger Diecuts didn't you?

  5. I agree with Dennis.. if it's what they did to football last year, run far, run fast.

    That was horrible.

  6. I've got to agree with everyone else and say that it seems like the Football Giveaway. I entered 2 or 3 codes and ended up with a Ronnie Lott die cut card which I ended up trading for a Deion Branch that will stay in my collection.

    I've only got 12 code cards and will probably get around 10 more from each series. I'll probably end up entering them just to see how things go. I'd rather have a real long shot at redeeming a 1/1 gold card than the $20 or whatever I could sell the code cards for.