Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Wicked Good Package

If you follow My Past Time...I Love It! by the infamous Wicked Ortega, you are familiar with his frequent trade bait posts. I love the trade bait posts. Too much. I always want some of what he puts up, but at this point, I have just about run out of Marlins stuff to send back. Fortunately, Wicked Ortega has quite a few players in his player collection so I should be able to find something to send him since he was nice enough to send these items with only the promise of getting something in return.

I'll save the two trade bait cards for the end. He also sent these.

I know a 1993 Score Select Tom Henke isn't your idea of greatness. What I love about this card is that throwback uniform. That uniform shows up on a number of different player cards from that year.

I really like these 1993 Flair cards. This is the front of the Dean Palmer and here is the back...

These are printed on nice, thick card stock. It has not one, not two, but three different pics and is really sharp. The package also had a Jose Canseco and David Hulse from this set.

Here is one for the player collection. This is the 2006 SP Authentic Baseball Heroes Joe Mauer. According to the back of the card, Joe is a Minnesota native who was the first player in state history to be taken with the #1 pick in the Baseball Draft.

This 1995 Topps MB Ivan Rodriguez did not scan well. It has tons of gold foil and came out much darker than it really looks. The back of the card asks the following questions:

Did you know....
Ivan signed with the Rangers at age 16? Yes
His family home in Puerto Rico was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989? Yes
He married his wife Maribel on the morning of the day he made his major league debut? No
The wedding had originally been scheduled for the night before at home plate prior to a Tulsa Driller game? No

Those last two questions are also covered on this next card.

I like these All-Star Fanfest cards. This one and the next one are from the 1992 All-Star Game in San Diego. I have a number of these from the 1995 All-Star Game that was in Arlington, Tx.

The Nolan Ryan Fan Fest card.

Here we have a couple of 2008 Bowman Elvis Andrus Rookie Cards that I believe are new to me. I don't buy much Bowman (none since the early 2000's). I do like getting the Rangers from the sets.

I definitely didn't have this card until now. It's a 2006 Just Minors Ian Kinsler. I think that big open space on the right would look very nice with Ian's auto on it.

Now for the cards that caught my eye in the first place.

This is a very nice, certified ON-CARD 2008 Bowman Chrome auto of Derek Holland. I'm hoping the knee he tweaked at camp a couple days ago isn't an issue.

This an equally nice, certified ON-CARD 2009 Topps Chrome Auto of Derek Holland. I swear I thought that was a sticker looks like it has a place for a sticker, but I took it out and looked at it very closely and there is NO sticker.
Wicked, you outdid yourself this time. I've already found a couple of Marlins autos to send and will be looking for some other stuff as well. Thanks brother!!


  1. ...yours is on card?
    I have a Bret Anderson 09 Topps Chrome rc sticker auto. I'm sure it's sticker too, because you can see the part of the auto straight across the bottom that is missing from him signing off the bottom of the sticker.

  2. Love the Mauer heroes card! Got to find one of these too!!
    I should quit commenting, I keep finding cards I want!