Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get Well Soon!

I guess it shouldn't come as a big shock to Rangers fans that Josh Hamilton got slightly injured Wednesday during workouts in Surprise, Arizona. He bruised his left shoulder when he "took a tumble" during morning workout drills.

Last year, Hamilton missed time with a bruised rib cage muscle, a torn abdominal muscle and a pinched nerve in his lower back. I like Josh Hamilton. I really do. I like his comback story, and despite the party pics last year, I think he genuinely wants to stay clean and sober and be the best player he can be. I hope this shoulder thing is minor and heals quickly. Of course the Rangers fan in me wants Josh to have a monster year, but part of me wants him to be successful just for himself. Get well soon Josh.

Last Saturday, a player the Rangers are hoping can make a major contribution this year sprained his right knee. Doing agility exercises. That is not a good sign.

The MRI on Derek Holland's knee confirmed the knee was only sprained. He was supposed to start pitching again on Wednesday. Again, I hope this is just a tweak and Derek is able to meet his, and everyone else's, expectations. Get well soon Derek.

Marcus Lemon

Last, but not least, the Rangers added Marcus Lemon to the Spring Roster to replace Khalil Greene who suffered a relapse of Social Anxiety Disorder. SAD put Greene on the disabled list twice last season and it appears the Rangers are preparing to move forward without Greene's services this season. Lemon just happens to be the son of former major leaguer Chet Lemon. Get well soon Khalil.

It's a long Spring Training and an even longer season. I'm already worried about all the money the Rangers are going to spending on get well cards.


  1. Social Anxiety Disorder. I didn't realize that their was such a thing. That sucks about all the injuries. Maybe things will work out before the season begins.

  2. is Hamilton like Larry Allen? Remember Allen on the Cowboys? He never missed a game in 16 years, but he always got "hurt" in training camp just enough to miss out on those two-a-days...
    then got better just in time for the season.

  3. I hate to wish ill upon anyone but if all those Rangers stayed injured it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...for a Mariners fan.

    Really sad about Khalil Greene though, mental illness is a difficult thing to deal with on a national stage, let alone in every day life.