Sunday, February 28, 2010

Play at the Plate 6: Javier Lopez vs. Dante Powell

1998 Upper Deck Javier Lopez

April 23, 1997 Atlanta Braves @ San Francisco Giants 12:36 PM Start Time
We come to the bottom of the 9th inning. Tom Glavine has just pitched 8 strong innings, but the game is tied 3-3. Alan Embree comes on in relief and gives up a walk to the first batter, Marcus Jensen. Dante Powell pinch runs for Jensen. JT Snow lays down a successful sacrifice bunt to first and Powell stops at 2nd base. Bill Mueller pinch hits for the pitcher and slaps a single to right field. Andruw Jones comes up firing and this is what happens:

Powell just beats the throw and the Giants win 4-3!

This card shows one of just 19 runs Powell would score in his 4 year career. I hope he has a copy to remind him of his glory days.


  1. Giants win 4-3!


    In huge letters with an exclamation point?

    What's wrong with you, man?

  2. a co-worker of mine loves Javier Lopez, got an autograph when he was younger and cherishes it even now.