Monday, February 8, 2010

Just a little rant

I'm not posting any pics with this post. Not because I forgot my flash drive this time. I just don't feel like putting in the effort. I mean, why don't I start a little "scorched earth" blogging, who cares if my few readers actually LIKE what I'm posting. I can just throw up mediocre, uninspired drivel and the masses will just keep feeding at the Play at the Plate trough. I know they have other blogs they can read, but they'll keep reading mine won't they?

Well, I'm not scorching any earth, I hope my blog isn't crap and I do know you have other choices. Apparently, that message hasn't gotten through to Upper Deck yet. Let's look at 2010 Upper Deck shall we?

They lost their MLB license. Fine, most of us have been through that with other companies. If you're going to produce a set without a license, what do you have to do? Let's forget about the fact that they did less to hide logos than Topps did. How about coming up with an inspired card design? How about putting some effort into the way your cards look? could just give the collectors (and Topps and MLB) the finger. Admittedly, I haven't seen the entire set. I bought four of the 18 card retail packs and one 36 card rack pack. They are terrible. I swear, there are 10 bloggers out there doing customs (probably more) that could do a far better job designing an ORIGINAL set.

I'm not scanning the new Upper Deck cards*. I'm not wasting my time. You can see them, if you haven't had the misfortune to buy some, on many other blogs. Night Owl said it best and I quote, "Upper Deck hasn't had a real live card design in years, which is why many collectors can't tell the difference in Upper Deck cards from one year to the next." Hello Upper Deck!!! Are you listening!!?? Be original. Spend a little more time on design and a little less time being underhanded. Slapping a little black and white picture on the front of the card does NOT qualify as innovative and exciting. Topps isn't perfect, but at least they tried to make things different, even if some of the inserts are ridiculous.

I'm not a complete hater though. I should have a positive Upper Deck customer servie issue to post about in the next day or so. That is one person going above and beyond...maybe she should be running the company. Stay tuned for that one...

*I did get one play at the plate card I will scan.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I bought 2 rack packs and I can say that is the last 2 packs I will be buying. I will just have to trade for the Mets, Yankees, and ballpark cards (I like those a little bit) that I want for my collection.

  2. "Topps isn't perfect, but at least they tried to make things different, even if some of the inserts are ridiculous."

    Maybe so, but Topps is getting to play by a different set of rules too. I like the 2010 Upper Deck simply because they refused to fold because of a crap rule. I think any serious collectors who think Upper Deck got jobbed by Bud Selig's stupid decision should go out and buy Upper Deck cards in droves. I know I will be.

  3. I am really trying to understand those who prefer the 2010 UD cards to Topps, because there are obviously people out there that do. But I just can't figure it out. The UD cards are so repetitious from year-to-year.

    Sure, the UD photos are nice. But the photos were nice in 1993. I love pasta, but I'm telling you if had to eat pasta every day since 1993, it'd totally turn me off.

  4. I bought one pack and was very unimpressed. I also did not like the idea of a 600 card series one set. To try and get that would have been too expensive.