Friday, February 19, 2010

Old School Break Goods

John from Old School Breaks had a nice break going on and I took the Rangers and Angels. John hasn't posted in a while, but I still wanted to thank him for letting me get involved in the break. I got a few nice Rangers and one Angels "hit". Here are just a few of the cards I received.

This is the one "hit" I got in the break, but I put it first because it's an Angels card. A 2001 Fleer Troy Glaus Final Cut jersey to be more precise. Hey, it's not a plain ol' white swatch.

Pudge is LARGE and in charge on this 2001 Fleer @ Large die-cut insert. This is great. I don't know which stadium that is, but Pudge is all over it.

I didn't buy any Sweet Spot from 2007 so this Sammy Sosa #455/850 and....

this Ian Kinsler #354/850 fill a spot in the collection.

These next two are my favorites from the break. This is a 2003 Fleer Rookies and Greats Frank Howard "The Naturals" insert. I need more Senators and I'm going to start looking for vintage Senators as part of my team collection.

This Nolan Ryan is from the same set as the Frank Howard. I like the classic look of these cards. Mike, if you're still out there in blogger land, thanks for doing the break!


  1. Sammy looks so small and "unbleached". Yeah.......roids!

  2. Sorry John. That's what happens when I'm posting at 3 in the morning. Thanks again!

  3. Frank Howard looks like he's been hit by Harry Potter with a Stupify spell!!