Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Gift Horse...I mean Upper Deck, reaches out

I recently posted about "looking the gift horse in the mouth". It was all about how I appreciated winning a Cowboys triple auto card from Upper Deck, but was disappointed that the way they shipped the card resulted in a nasty crease on it.

Well, somehow, a kind person over at Upper Deck found out about my situation. I didn't contact them (and still haven't figured out how they knew about the card) and was going to just let my son have the original card for his Cowboys binder. I received an email from the person at Upper Deck expressing their apologies for the damaged card and offering to send something in it's place. I was a little taken aback at that because I didn't buy the card, I won it. I sent this person my address and this is what I received.

2009 SPX Rookies Brandon Williams #22/25

2007 NFL Trilogy Matt Moore auto #120/133

2009 SP Signature Edition Reflections Scott Chandler/Kellen Davis dual auto #22/50

2007 Artifacts Julius Jones Photo Shoot Flashback Fabrics

2007 SP Rookies Threads Isaiah Stanback Draft Day Ink

2008 SP Rookie Threads Mike Jenkins Signature Draft Choices #6/99

2007 Ultimate Ink Matt Schaub #24/25

I have to admit I was amazed by all the cards that came in the package from Upper Deck. I should note that they were packed quite securely, protected by card blanks, inside a team set bag, and wrapped in bubble wrap.
I want to thank that person for great customer service and say it was nice to have a good experience when dealing directly with one of the big companies. It might not hurt for UD to promote this person all the way to the top.....I think if I saw their facsimile sig on the back of my auto/relic cards I would feel better about the whole company.


  1. Upper Deck has always been faithful to me if I ever had a problem with any of their products. They've always seem to go out of the way for you if it was truly a problem on their end. Awesome Gifts they bestowed upon you!

  2. Congrats to you. Nice score. I have only had a few redemption dealings wit Upper Deck and had no problems to speak of. They weren't the fastest but didn't take as long as some of the horror stories you hear. After reading about your experience I will feel a little better about any future dealings with Upper Deck.

  3. that Schaub and Jenkins are sweet!!!

    nice of UD to do that... strange that on a day where they screw me over, they reward someone else.
    I guess life is a balance....


  4. Something is fishy here. Why did not include these cards in packs/boxes for the public to buy. A lot of these cards are low numbered. Why were they not included in boxes to be purchased by the public.

    Something does not make sense here

  5. Wow! That was a pretty good trade-off. Congrats on the sweet cowboys!