Friday, January 29, 2010

Looking a gift horse in the mouth

I have a Facebook account because one of my kids had a teacher that gave an extra "bonus" question each week on his Facebook page. I didn't want a Facebook page. I don't use it to post stuff. I rarely comment on any of my friends pages. I don't have a problem with those types of sites, but honestly, I don't need to let everyone know every time I eat a sandwich or scratch my butt. I guess I could post pack breaks there, but that's what I have this blog for.

At any rate, somehow I found out that Upper Deck has a Facebook page and they were having a contest to guess which of the playoff teams would win the Super Bowl. All you had to do was post a comment on the page of the team you thought would win and you could win boxes, high-end packs, autographed footballs or some singles. Of course, I took the Cowboys and was one of the three people selected to take home one of the three Cowboys singles. One was a Randy White auto'd card. I didn't get that one. One was a Tony Romo Flag Patch (I don't know much about football products so I'm not sure what it was from). I didn't get that one either. I got this...

That is one nice card for a Cowboys fan. It's my first triple auto anything. Mike Jenkins and Anthony Spencer really came on this season for the Cowboys. It's numbered #49/50. I'm really happy to have won it and want to thank Upper Deck for sending it to me. I think the whole giveaway was/is very generous.

I have one problem.

Why would you (Upper Deck) go to all the trouble and expense of mailing this card to me via Fedex and ship it only in a penny sleeve, loose in a #0 envelope. I don't know if you can see it in the scan, but this card has a massive crease in it. It goes from just under Mr. McWilliam's faux signature all the way down to the right at a slight angle and through the SP logo. What a waste!
I appreciate the effort, but the execution was terrible.


  1. I can see the crease. That sucks. Does it show on the front of the card? Also I'm guessing that they are sticker autos, but it's not obvious that they are stickers. So that's good. Nice looking card. I know about UDs facebook, but I never think to go their for the contests. Maybe I should check that out.

  2. ew i can see the crease too. I was thinking I might follow Upper Deck if they give away free stuff, but that sucks dude.

  3. that's almost enough for me to get a facebook page.

    too bad about the crease though, but hey! The front looks good.

  4. That crease is no good - sorry to see that. UD has been doing a lot of facebook page lately. They've really made a strong effort there in the last 6 months or so.

  5. Jeremy--You can see the crease on the front, but not as bad. They are stickers and the one in the middle is really crooked.

    I'm not too worried about it. I gave it to my kid and he thought it was "cool". He didn't care about the crease.

  6. so, how many times do you scratch your butt?

    1. You'll never know...unless I can post it on Twitter.

  7. Upper Deck is clown shoes, espcially now a days.