Saturday, January 2, 2010

Padres and Rangers from Padrographs

Sometime last year, ok a couple of months ago, Rod over at Padrographs held a contest to see who could guess his favorite Padre. Fortunately he gave a hint which made the contest doable with a little research. I was among the people who guessed right and as my part of the prize Rod sent over some Padres goodies and was kind enough to include a few other items as well. Poor Rod mailed my package and then weeks later got it back in the mail because it was a few cents short on postage so he had to re-send it. Thanks for the efforts Rod!!

My part of the prize was a 2003 Keebler Padres Set and a 1984 Mother's Cookies Set. I have a couple of these Mother's Cookies sets from the Mariners as well. I was never a big Padres fan, but I always liked Tony Gwynn. Thanks for these sets Rod!

Rod included these nice cards from the 09 UH set. How can you not like the Babe in a Sox uni? The propaganda inserts are one of this year's best in my opionion. These will go to the boy.

The back of this 1993 Megacard features a ficticious meeting between Walter Johnson and Nolan Ryan. Johnson died 52 days before Ryan was born.

Topps Gold Photo Day Fun Card #170/2009. I like the photo and I like the numbering. It's all mine.

Here is an interesting 1993 Fleer combo card. I like Pudge and I really liked Kirby. I always felt bad the Puckett's career ended the way it did.

Does that look like the face of guy who would put you in a headlock and punch you in the head repeatedly? Sure it does.

Here we have a trio of 1991 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Rangers. I never saw these in or near 1991, but have seen a few through the years. These are the first ones I've received via the blogosphere I believe.

Are these 1991 Stadium Club Charter Member cards come from the same set? Wherever they came from, I like them.
Rod also sent 21 other Rangers cards, including 11 of Don Slaught. I'm glad those aren't taking up space in your collection anymore Rod!! Thanks a bunch.


  1. So you got the Mother's Cookies cards. I was wondering what all of the winners picked. I went with the signed 8x10s. The Mothers Cookies probably would have been my second pick.

  2. Closest I've come to a special set is my 1982 20th Anniversary Kmart set that I claimed from a blog post.