Friday, January 22, 2010

Pack Addict Hooked Me With Trade Bait

I recently went after some trade bait Pack Addict posted. Thanks to Daniel, I now have a new "oldest" card of one of my favorite all-time players. Daniel included a few Rangers with the trade bait just fill out the envelope. Here are three of the cards he sent.

First, this 2000 Skybox Metal Cesar King is nowhere near the 3rd best card in the pack. I just thought it was interesting that the card talks about his skills at the catcher position. He led the Texas League in 1998 with 18 passed balls and again in 1999 with 19 passed balls. How would you like to be a catcher in the minor leagues for a team that has one of, if not the, best all-around catchers in history. You know you're not going to get a shot at the majors unless disaster strikes Pudge. Cesar didn't last long and as a member of the KC Royals minor league system, was called up to The Show in 2001. He spent 5 days on the big league roster, from May 19-May 23, and never saw any action. He never made it back to the majors and officially doesn't exist as an MLB player.

I bought some of this 2003 Fleer EX back in '03 and even pulled a couple of these jersey cards. For some reason, Brian Giles and Scott Rolen or J.D. Drew stick in my head as the ones I pulled. I"d much rather have this Palmeiro for my team collection. That is one tiny swatch of jersey. These are numbered out of 500 and this one is #401/500.

This 1970 Topps Carl Yastrzemski is the card that hooked me. It is in really great shape. It is just a little off-center to the right, but not as bad as the scanner makes it look. For some reason, which I'm sure was operator error, it cut off the right side of the card. This is now the oldest Yaz card in my collection and I'm looking to change that.

Here is the back of the Yaz card. The scan on this one isn't much better than the front. The centering looks worse here than it really is, but that isn't the issue. These older cards had great backs.
Daniel, thanks for getting me one step closer to completing my Yaz collection.

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  1. I want to know how you manage to pull Cardinals relics, because that's never happened to me... ever!